Exceptional performance

Superior hold strength for no buckling or seam separation

CE Mark

Certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety.

Quantum Guard® HP

The highest performance commercial urethane finish in the industry.

Our Design Director, Roby Isaac, spent an afternoon walking that field, quietly observing. That day led to a partnership with a leading material sciences lab, and a close look at microscopic cross-sections of Phragmite, a common plant with beautiful patterning at the molecular level.

This became Divergent— a collection drawn from standing still. From appreciating the beauty of our environment in an up close and personal way. Divergent brings together root level observations of the world with soft linear patterns to create subtle gradations, abstract graphics, and a timely, relevant color story.

Highest performance commercial urethane finish in the industry. Enhances durability, cleanability, appearance, and slip retardance when compared to standard resilient floors